Our specialty is catering to Asian women looking for Bridal and Special Occasion Makeup Services. We know exactly how to accentuate and enhance your uniquely shaped eyes and features through techniques acquired through Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. These techniques are our secret sauce to making you not only step into your confidence, but feel absolutely beautiful too.

Our team are here to show you that when done right, makeup is not just a means to make you look beautiful – it has the power to transform you into the goddess you are, inside and out.

Hi, I'm Leona!

I’m so excited you are here, and I want to personally thank you for stopping by! 

I’m Leona, and I am a Perth-based makeup artist who happens to be the Founder & CEO of leonamakeupartist.com. But more than that, I am a Mother to a beautiful daughter named Keira, a loving Wife to my incredible Husband, and a passionate advocate for empowering women to step into their confidence and make them feel like a Queen with the art of Makeup. 

My passion is working with Asian features, as I know how to accomodate the different eye shapes and facial features of Asian Women. My specialty is making you feel as comfortable as possible, because when you are in that makeup chair – it’s all about you!

I have cultivated and learned unique techniques from Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand that has now become my secret sauce, and the added ingredient that makes up what leonamakeupartist.com is all about.

With my 10+ years in the industry, and an Australian and Indonesian certificate in makeup artistry, I am more than qualified to provide an individualised and tailor made service to all of my beautiful clients.

You are already beautiful – my job is to enhance your natural beauty, elevate your confidence, and empower you to step into the beautiful woman that you already are! Every woman deserves to feel like a Queen on any occasion. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, beauty!

Love, Leona x




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