Make up artist doing professional make up of beautiful young woman.

Do Your Own Makeup

Do you want to have the confidence to be able to DO YOUR OWN everyday and long lasting occasion makeup? Leona is here to teach you step by step, with every application, how to do very simple and easy makeup that you can achieve all on your own!

Some of the things you'll learn in our lessons:

  • Enhance your facial features
  • Accentuate your eyes
  • Do a sleek brow
  • Achieve flawless skin
  • Contour & Highlight
  • Apply Eyeshadow & Eyeliner
  • Do your own Eyelash Application with my super easy trick that works every time

And there’s so much more you will learn!

I will teach you how to boost your confidence! By the end of your lessons with me, you will have empowered yourself to be able to do your own makeup. 

Our Workshops

Do Your Own "Basic" Lesson - $120

Makeup doesn’t have to be expensive! The most important thing is that makeup is fun, and suits your skin type & skin tone. 

With my 1:1 lesson, I will guide you to achieve an everyday to semi glam makeup look, with essential products that you need in your makeup kit! No need to waste your money for non-essential products!

What you will learn:

  • Skin care that suits your skin
  • Everyday Foundation / BB Cream Application
  • Conceal certain areas that really need it
  • Makeup recommendations you must have!
  • Applying fake lashes to make them look real
  • Eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick colours that suits your skin tone.
  • How to choose the right products and makeup for your skin (STOP wasting money on products that won’t work for you!)
  • Getting to know your facial features, and how to enhance them correctly
  • Understanding your eye shape, and becoming BFF’s with your eyes to aid in eyeshadow & eyeliner application
  • Understanding the shape of your lips and how to make them naturally plump
Do Your Own Makeup Lesson

    Do Your Own "Upskill" Lesson - $130

    You already learned the basics from essential makeup, and now you want to upskill your techniques to look and feel glamorous, all on your own! Don’t worry, i’m here for you!

    In this lesson, you will take your makeup to the next level, where you be able to apply your learning, and glam yourself up like a goddess!

    This lesson is for those who have the basics of makeup down-pat. If you don’t know the basics, it is recommended you complete the Do Your Own “Essential” Lesson first. 

    What you will learn:

    • Skin care recommendation
    • Achieving smoky eyes the right way
    • Achieving a cut crease
    • How to play with colour
    • To play with colour – be bold with colour!
    • Bottom lash application
    • Achieve porcelain looking skin with my highlighting techniques
    • Contouring your face to make you look toned and glowing
    • Understand your facial architect and symmetry
    • Bright colours and how to wear them!
    Do Your Own Makeup Lesson

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