Relaxing and Deep Cleansing Facial

Leona’s Beauty Room offers excellent facial and beauty services in the comfort of an intimate small setting. We offer deep cleansing and relaxing treatment suitable for everyone and all skin types.

Whether you want to achieve the beautiful clear glowing skin for your special day or a monthly detox + reset to your skin, Leona Beauty room will give you the best experience that will leave you feeling relax and with amazing results.

With our different choices of our facial services we offer deep cleansing, rejuvenation, infusion and relaxation. You will get the best of both worlds being relaxing and also still get the best results for your skin personal needs.

With a wealth of experience as a certified therapist at Leona’s Beauty Room we understand your needs and concerns providing the recommended treatment that is tailored to your needs and concerns. This includes an in depth consultation, recommendation for a home skin care routine and educate about the products giving you the best results.

We want you to experience the best of everything so just relax and unwind and Let us pamper you

Relaxation Steps

  1. Cleansing to take out excess makeup.
  2. Scrub with enzyme to deeply cleanse your skin.
  3. Skin massage for blood circulation for brighter and glass/clear skin.
  4. Face mask used will depend on your skin type.
  5. LED light for deep penetration and kill bacteria (including soothing pimples, fine lines, and dryness).
  6. Finishing touch: skin care routine – serum, eye cream, oils and moisturiser.





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